Terms and Conditions

The driver :

Hire a Car In Marrakech, the designated driver on the contract must be older than 21 years. A valid drivers license must also be held, for at least one year. This must be supported by original documents. If a second driver is required. they must be present at the time of departure and submit the original driver’s license and an identity card or a passport. Only drivers of the car rental marrakech identified on the rental agreement are authorized to drive the rental vehicle Morocco.


Hire Car marrakech – Payment is required at that time of car delivery. From then the driver assumes responsibility for that rented vehicle. Payment is accepted in cash. The fare is dependent on the Car rental period that is calculated for each 24 hrs non-divisible, from the moment of car delivery. Dates and exact times are pointed out in the contract. For instance if your renter picks up a vehicle at 9 am, s/he should give it back at 9 am. If a later time is selected, extra charge for an additional day is applicable. If by force majeur the renter cannnot return the vehicule as foreseen in the contract, Benkhoya Car Hire Marrakech should be advised as quickly as possible. Permission of a contract prolongation should be obtained. Otherwise additional costs will be billed. In case of an extension of the original rental period, BENKHOYA Car Rental Marrakech must be informed ahead of time and agency’s agreement of the extension should be acquired

Delivery / recovery :

Benkhoya Car rental marrakech gives you the choice of where you want to collect or return the vehicle (airport, hotels, Riad, railway stations .etc..), subject to prior agreement. The use of vehicles on unpaved roads (track) is prohibited. The driver is responsible for the crimes and violations of traffic.


Our cars have comprehensive car insurance with a deductible. The amount of deductible varies according to the value of the car. The coverage includes civil liability, people, fire and theft. Therefore, every other occurrences, which aren’t pointed out above, the responsibility rests with the renter and will be settled at the car drop off. Rented cars in Marrakech should be returned in the same condition they were rented out. In case of an accident damage to the vehicle is covered with insurance only when accident report is produced within 24 hrs.

Our insurance doesn’t include:

• Damage to tyres

• Theft of personal items left unattended in the car

Otherwise any damage is going to be billed to the customer and should be settled when returning the car.

Using cars (excluding 4×4) off road is strictly prohibited. Any damage caused by improper use of the car will be billed to the client.
 Free of charge car delivery and/ or car collections within boundaries of Marrakech (to/ from hotel, riad, airport terminal).