Best summer destination in Morocco- Car rental Agency Morocco

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February 18, 2019
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Best summer destination in Morocco- Car rental Agency Morocco

car rental marrakech

car rental marrakech

Do you want to spend the best summer holidays in Morocco, to discover new destinations and to enjoy the authenticity and the beauty of the country? Morocco is without any doubt the perfect destination to travel lovers, inspiring them to take a break and dive into the depths of the wonders of this unique country.

Morocco is a very rich country with very impressive and diverse landscapes, oases, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and even caves.

In order to enjoy those different landscapes without any boundaries, do not hesitate to have a car rental and discover the different facets of the kingdom.

Best summer destinations in Morocco to enjoy with a rental car.

In this article, we’ve collected for your the best summer destinations in Morocco in order to make your trip more fun and well organized.

  • Agadir

Boarded by the glowing waves of the Atlantic, Agadir is for sure one of the Moroccan beautiful cities. The sun is always pouring its rays and making the city enjoys a pleasant climate whatever the season is, its seafront of 10 kilometers long is offering to tourists and locals magnificent views of the blue ocean giving them the opportunity to get perfectly tanned in the main seaside resort of the country, famous for its 300 days of sunshine per year. Agadir is only about 260 km from Marrakech, so if you are in Marrakech do not hesitate to rent a car and get to spend an unforgettable day.

  • Tetouan

A stunning city that stretches along the Mediterranean with its charming hinterland, Tetouan is a very welcoming city and a meeting place for several different people, religions, and cultures, she is home to Andalusian, Ottoman, Arab, Berber, and European cultures and this will give you an exact idea about the wealth of this extraordinary city.

Tetouan is an inspiring place for different people, some call it “white dove” or “little Jerusalem”.

Considered now as a world heritage by UNESCO, Tetouan is one of the most beautiful and active cities in Morocco, while in the old town you find the embroiderers, painters, and Jebliates selling red, blue or white fabric, then you find also Mellah, the famous Jewish quarter of the medina.

Once you leave the old town you will be facing a whole different architecture such us the old Spanish casino, our lady of victory church and the general library, all these constructions combine to give the city its very unique charm.

Car rental will allow you to discover not only the beauty of Tetouan city but to go further and to dive in its surrounding such as Chefchaouen and Tangier.

  • Essaouira

Essaouira is a city with a very strong potential thanks to its location and its particular nature, history, culture, and artistic atmosphere, thanks to all those assets Essaouira nowadays is considered as a great touristic destination, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its port dating from the eighteenth century and its beaches and allowing you to practice different water sports especially windsurfing and kitesurfing thanks to the strong winds blowing constantly in the beach. This city is only 173 km north of Agadir and 174 km west of Marrakech which makes it very accessible for both cities by car rental.

Essaouira is a veritable maze of streets with both an old and a modern style of architecture with beautiful and stunning hotels and traditional Moroccan riads.

If you are looking to enjoy a swim we advise you to go to the surroundings of the city, such as the famous beach Sidi Kaouki, don’t hesitate to rent a car so you can be free and enjoy the beauty of those beaches without any boundaries.

  • Bin El Ouidane

Located between Wadi El Abid and Assif Ahansal, Bin el Ouidane is a wonderful lake and a reservoir of the dam of Bin El Ouidane, this very vast expanse of water covers almost 4000 hectares and perched at more than 800 meters above sea level which make it the highest lake in Africa this impressive structure allows both electricity production and irrigation of the Tadla plain.

Bin El Ouidane lake is a very impressive destination if you are looking for a place where you can have a break from the overwhelming climate of the city. The Bin El Ouidane landscape is breathtaking with it’s blue of crystal clear water, its ocher surrounding lands and the green of the olive trees of the region.

If you visited this place with a rental car you will have the opportunity to reach the cascades of Ouzoud, another stunning landscape not to be missed.

  • Cabo negro

Cabo Negro is a very small coastal town located in the region of Tetouan, and about an hour and a half drive from the famous Tangier, this small town of Cabo Negro is known for being one of the most luxurious seaside resorts in the Moroccan kingdom with its beautiful beaches, huge golf resort, and a nearby forest.

This village is famous for its shady streets and built on several levels and its popularity is increasing thanks to the word of mouth.

In this wonderful landscape, you can find villas and hotel establishments that have settled there to make you relax and enjoy the sandy beaches and practice water sport activities at the same time as scuba diving and enjoy the impressive underwater world and you can maybe have the chance to cross dolphins.

In Cabo negro the fun and the beauty are endless so why not rent a car and enjoy all its surroundings?

  • Saidia

Saidia a small city in the province of Berkane in the eastern rif, is a seaside resort with vast tourist potential, bringing ambition in order to reach the rank of 3rd Mediterranean pleasure port, this very famous and stunning seaside resort was born from the desire of his majesty Mohammed 6 in order to develop the Moroccan tourism and encourage leisure activities. Saidia resort sits in the agricultural province of Berkane and less than one kilometer from the Algerian border.

This beautiful seaside is known due to its longest beaches in Morocco with its fine golden sand and its Mediterranean climate seducing tourist from all over the globe.

For Moroccans and foreigners, Saidia is a breathtaking international tourist destination with one of the most important complexes of all North Africa. Car rental will provide you the chance to feel free while traveling and feel comfortable discovering Saidia and the Rif region.

  • Dakhla

With the softness of its fine sand, the caress of the sunlight and the huge beaches of about 10 km, in Dakhla we live in the paradise all over the year.

Dakhla is a city located in southern Morocco better known for its tourist attractions and has been ranked as the world’s leading water sport since 2014.

This region is appreciated by the marriage of the sea and the desert in the same area, which means in other words that once in Dakhla you will be impressed by the view of having sea and desert in once, this view is attracting every winter thousands of motorhomes and camping cars from all over Europe, this city is also developing its touristic side by different constructions such as hotels, and high quality surf camps.

The region of Dakhla is also very rich with seafood, it is even considered as the most attractive economic resource of the city, it is considered as the leading supplier at the national market level and also in different foreign markets such as some European and Asian countries.

  • Marrakech

Marrakech is without any doubt a city worth visiting any moment of the year, in summer as in winter Marrakech city is a wonderful destination for all ages, full of activities, monuments, and attractions. Although is summer this city has a different charm, even with its hot and overwhelming weather, Marrakech remains attractive especially for young people. In Marrakech the day is hot, so you will probably not want to venture into the streets of the city except in gardens such as Majorelle Garden or in the museums of Das Si Said… you can also enjoy a swim in the different swimming pools where you can tan and get a sunbath freely.

Don’t forget to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the ocher city, summer in Marrakech is the equivalent of party due to the festive atmosphere, like every year clubs and bars go out of their way to offer its clients an extraordinary summer program by inviting the great DJs and the biggest stars who are ready to make you dance and chill until the end of the night. So rent a car now, get out of your comfort zone and explore the fun in Marrakech.

  • tangier

Tangier is considered as the gateway to Africa and the main door to the African continent, this city never ceases to multiply the number of its visitors each year by offering them different leisure activities and a different climate. While in Tangier there are many things you can do in order to make your stay more fun and rewarding. Over the past years the tourism industry is in constant growth, and to develop the economy of Morocco important fundings has been invested in order to sustain the cleanliness of Moroccan cities and sites all around the kingdom, and the beaches of Tangier have been part of this important renovation, they represent an oasis thanks to their sparkling blue water and golden sand, so don’t forget to rent a car to discover not only the beach of Tangier but those in its surroundings too. Once in this city, you can also relax at the Grand Socco, a place that is a crossroad between the ages, don’t forget to spend some of your cash at the traditional markets from where you can get souvenirs, traditional clothes, pieces of jewelry and much more.

  • Imsouane

Located halfway between Agadir and Essaouira, the Imsouane village is a captivating universe that welcomes you in a unique atmosphere in order to make you appreciate the pleasures of the sea and the beach. This village has also one of the best-known gliding spots attracting the fans of water sports such as kitesurfing.

It is also a wonderful and great place for people who are looking to have a kind of calm holidays and to chill, the weather is very good, the people are very friendly and the atmosphere is unique.

It is time to rent a car and to have a visit to this place trust me, you will fall in love under its charm and beauty.

Morocco is without any doubt a perfect destination for people from all over the world, it allows you to live many adventures, to chill and to enjoy every moment of your stay. In order to make your holidays better do not hesitate to get a car rental, why? you will be free to move wherever and whenever you want, and you will be able to avoid public transportation that maybe sometimes overwhelming.

Book now your rental car and enjoy your stay!

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